Scrumbook – bringing an idea to life – part 2

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In the first part of this series, I’ve explained how I started implementing my idea for a paper notebook for SCRUM teams. With the initial prototype made in MS Word and printed on my own laser printer, I started to gather feedback. In this article, I would like to describe how I used that initial […]

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SCRUMBOOK – bringing an idea to life – part 1

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The origin story If you read books focusing on business and self-improvement you are probably aware of “must read / modern classics” like “Zero to One” by Peter Thiel, “Lean Startup” by Eric Ries, “E-Myth” by Michael E. Gerber, or “Essentialism” by Greg MeKeown. Those books hold a lot of wisdom inside, and I wanted […]

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Retrospective Cheat Sheet

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Retrospective Cheat Sheet There are many ways to run a successful retrospective meeting. This short cheat sheet should help you set up your first retrospective meeting and set your team on a path to continuous improvement. Step 1 – Prepare your team If you have never run a retrospective meeting with your team it might […]

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Agile plus Mastermind equals Excellence

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Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed a Mastermind group with Agile (Scrum) project management methodology? I did, and I set out to try whether it would work or not. In this article, I will explain how I did it, what worked and what did not. What is a Mastermind Group? I am […]

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